SunSmart Provides Sustainable Power at an Economical Price

In  this current generation where innovation partakes a vital role particularly in the field of renewable energy , SUNSMART Solar Power Technology Inc. has found its niche.  With its renowned features of providing Integrated, Portable, Stylish,  Powerful and Modular solar power systems,  SunSmart stands out in the demand of the many where access to renewable energy supply is made possible ANYTIME and ANYWHERE.

As  the  pioneer  and  achiever  of  ISP  or  Integrated  Solar  Power    Technology  ,  SunSmart contributes a major positive change by bringing power in the rural areas where electricity is not just scarce, intermittent and expensive but even on areas with totally ZERO grid.   It provides every potential market a much simpler, practical, reliable and affordable solar products and solutions.

From an energy capacity of 300watts portable power system to 2MW mobile power station, SUNSMART  intelligent  integration  of  battery  management  system  makes  it  highly sustainable to provide CLEAN, CHEAP and CONTINUOUS renewable power supply to every market necessity.

With its participating joint mission of electrification for the unserved and underserved areas, SUNSMART  endure to create more greener communities off the grid , making it as The Future Energy.

Ms. Jenny  Lin Maaño- Ngai
President SunSmart
SUNSMART Solar Power Technology Inc.
  •  Filipina.    Solar    Entrepreneur.    Renewable    Energy    Innovator.
  • Business Strategist.
  •  Jose  Rizal  Pamana  Awards  USA  2018 Most Out  Standing  Woman of Style and Entrepreneurship
  •  Forbes Philippines 2019 Ambassador of Style
  •  Former Beauty Queen of Mabalacat, Pampanga, Philippines

As  a  President  of  SUNSMART  Solar  Power  Technology  Inc.,  she found  her  niche  being  one  of  the  youngest  Filipina  women  to provide     innovative,     intelligent,     integrated     and     SIMPLER renewable  power  and  solutions  particularly  for  the  rural  and  off grid areas. She faced and withstand the challenge that to energize totally Zero Grid area is made possible with SunSmart’s Integrated Solar   Power   Technology   which   comes   in   compact,   portable, multifunctional, all-in-one, modular, smart and powerful features. Her initial success in the solar industry was inspired nonetheless by Philippines and the fellow Filipinos way of life in the far flung areas  of  the  country   where   electricity  is   not   just  scarce  and expensive  but  mostly  zero  and  up  to  now  left  in  the  dark.   She position  SunSmart  as  a  SIMPLIFIED  business  model  approach  in the current trend of  the  renewable  market that  instantly  expand
awareness  at  a  near  fetch  concept  to  direct  consumers.

With SunSmart  Vision  of  creating  communities  off  the  grid  is  possible and as her chosen mission to partake, she was able to expand her solar business not just for the off grid areas of the Philippines but also in Nigeria, South Africa and UAE in a short span of less than three (3) years.

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